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There are many reasons to join the Corvette Club of Ontario (CCO). Here are just a few:

Monthly Meetings

CCO provides a great venue for people to exchange ideas, aspirations, and aims. CCO is an excellent place for members to exchange helpful tips and ideas on how to improve their car’s performance. It is also a place where members can learn from each other as to how they deal with car maintenance and other things. We meet the first Wed of each month. Often at sponsor locations throughout the summer and at Hansa Haus in Mississauga in the winter.

Group Tours and Socials

CCO provides a great place to socialize! It allows for members from different areas of life to meet up and share their passions with other avid Corvette enthusiasts. If you’re interested in meeting a group of fun and friendly people who enjoy sharing their experiences and knowledge, CCO is a great club to build long-lasting friendships and contacts. We organize 6 group tours each driving season and have fun and interesting social events to help keep our Members engaged all year long.


CCO is a great place to learn more about your car from others that own the same type of car as you. Not to mention, we often partners with local businesses, car dealerships and Club sponsors to host information nights where you can ask the business representative or mechanical experts all the technical questions you have about your favorite car.

A Chance to Showcase Your Car

One of the added benefits of joining a club like CCO is gaining access to car shows. In addition to our annual Club show at one of the Wallace GM dealerships, we visit fellow Clubs and are often invited to attend events such as Drive Festival and the annual Corvette Corral, both at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Shows are a great place to meet people, check out their cars and maybe even get some ideas of upgrades you might like to try. Your car is beautiful. Why not show it off once and a while!

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What is CCO?

The Corvette Club of Ontario (CCO) is a community of Corvette enthusiasts who share a common interest. CCO is Canada’s first and longest-running Corvette club. Established and incorporated in 1962, its membership is a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy the company of others while sharing a passion for their cars.

All events are safe, with responsible individuals participating. Events are open to members and their families.

Over the past 60 years, CCO has brought together some fantastic people, some of which, have built long-lasting friendships and contacts that last a lifetime!

CCO hosts regular meetings where various topics are discussed and hosts events such as car shows and cruises!

Upcoming events

Reach us by email:


Corvette Club of Ontario Inc

PO Box 384,

Milton, ON L9T 4Y9